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Webkinz Sherbert [Sherbet] Bunny For Sale

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The correct spelling for the Webkinz Sherbert Bunny is Webkinz Sherbet Bunny, and both phrases will be used throughout this blog. This stuffed animal bunny is labeled as the Easter bunny and is part of a family of Easter plush toys that include the Webkinz Rabbit and Webkinz Easter Duck. All of them including 100s of other pets were manufactured by Ganz, located in Canada. As cute as this plush bunny looks, you can't help but notice it's alluring cute, cotton candy, look that somehow reminiscent Easter.

You can find a great number of these virtual pets in stores online such as Amazon and eBay. These stores offer more quantity, variety and allows you to quickly pinpoint any favorite, compare prices, as well as see pictures. Shipping and delivery are easy and quick. And these websites are extremely secured [protects you] which makes them best in the business. Amazon and other similar stores offers the easier way to buy online. eBay on the hand is great for bargain hunting when prices seem a bit high else where.

eBay also offers a couple of ways to buy a Webkinz sherbet bunny online. (1) You can make a bid and win an auction--see bottom of page, or (2) use the "Buy It Now"--see top of page. Just scroll down to the very bottom of this page to see the eBay store and information on each sherbert bunny. But before you go, make to sure to read the eBay US and Canada information below to sign up... it's free.

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Sherbert Bunny Webkin Pictures and Learn How To Draw Webkinz Sherbet Rabit - Click Here

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Webkinz Sherbert BunnyWebkinz Sherbet Easter Bunny
This cute lavender [hop-a-long] sherbert webkinz was made from stuffed cotton fabric and beans. It has a sherbert ice cream or cotton candy color, along with a pink nose and tickly whiskers. The tag on its arm contains a unique secret code and when activated, lets you into Webkinz World. Also referred to as the Webkinz Lil' Kinz rabbit which means its smaller (approx. 7.5 inches) than other Webkinz stuffed animals (approx. 8.5).

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Webkinz Sherbert Bunny and Love Puppy

Webkinz RabbitWebkinz Rabbit
Here comes Little Peter Cotton n' Tail. This large 10" white Webkinz Rabbit comes with a new tag and unique security code. Just access the code in Webkinz World to activate it... adopt it... name it and give it a gender. Then watch how this virtual pet comes alive and ready to play. You take care of this bunny just like a real pet but only in Webkinz World.

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Webkinz DuckWebkinz Duck
So what's an Easter Rabbit's best friend? The Webkinz Easter Duck! This 8.5" white duck isn't just ordinary duck that goes quack-quack. Nope, it's more than that... Just activate it's secret code and your feathery friend comes alive in Webkinz World ready to play. Your new pet will give you lots of fun when you take good care of it, feed it and buy it nice things.

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To learn more about Webkinz, go to our Love Puppy review to get a complete understanding.

Note: The seasonal and rare Webkinz Sherbet Bunny is said to be Retiring. However, its still being sold on the market today. Since its release back in February 2007, it's one of the most sought after Webkinz even today. Will it still be available throughout 2008? Who knows besides Ganz! Because it's classified as a rare toy, this could explain the behavior of people [with cash to spare] desiring something that is rare. Don't expect the price to go back to its original price. It's in high demand and people are still paying over $50.00.

Most local retail stores are concentrating on stocking up and pre-ordering the 2009 new Webkinz Stuffed Animals. If a supply of Sherbet Bunnies and Love Puppies ever do arrive, rest assure they will leave the shelves as soon as you can blink an eye.

TIP: Sign-up and get your free eBay accounts today, you will find cheaper Webkinz auctioned there and Buy It Now. See further down for more details! If you don't want to spend time bidding on an auction, choose eBay's Buy It Now. You will see the term Buy It Now on some of the auction listings. This means you can buy the Webkinz for the price indicated, and have it shipped to you in a matter of days. We've chosen only the listings that are connected to Paypal (eBay partner), a very trusted and secured payment company that protects the buyer.

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What's the difference between a Webkinz and Lil' Kinz?

...The size and price! The Lil' Kinz is a smaller version of the Webkinz and cost less.

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Webkinz Stores On eBayWebkinz Sherbet Bunny on eBay (USA)
There are 100s of these Sherbert Rabbits to buy on eBay, including different combinations of stuffed animals sold with this rabbit . Either place a bid to win a new Webkins Easter Sherbet Bunny or you can take the Buy It Now approach.

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Webkinz Sherbet Bunny SaleWebkinz Sherbet Rabbit [Bunny] on eBay (Canada)
Canada is home to Webkinz, where Ganz (manufacturer) is located. There are 100s of Webkinz Loverfrog auctions daily--just like eBay USA. What you don't find in the USA, perhaps you'll find it in Canada. Place a bid to win an auction or Buy It now.

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